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Cookbook Challenge 6 – American

When I read down the theme list for the 2011 Cookbook Challenge and saw that ‘American’ was one of the themes, I wasn’t that enthusiastic initially – ‘There is no American cuisine’, I thought to myself.¬†However, by the time this theme came around, I was brimming with ideas. ‘What lead to this 180 degree change?’ … Continue reading

Summer’s end: Raspberries with semolina

Autumn is upon us. However, there are still some summer berries to be found. Last week at the Showgrounds farmer’s market we picked up a couple of punnets of what must be the last of this season’s raspberries. Lovely, sweet and plump, I wanted to use them in a recipe where their fresh flavour wouldn’t … Continue reading

Blackberry dumplings

On our way down to Binalong Bay we stopped in at the Evandale Market, which is held every Sunday morning at the Falls Park in the township. We picked up some beautiful fruit and vegetables there, most of them organic and got for a song (including 1kg of wild blackberries). Even though we stayed at … Continue reading