Moreland dining scene update – July

Well, it’s been aeons since the last post but hey, what can I say? Life gets in the way.

A couple of our favourite places have closed down over the past month or so. The first of these is Fine and Dandy on Melville Road in West Brunswick. It was a pioneer on this strip, and I don’t think it ever got the recognition is deserved for being the first cafe in the area to take its coffee seriously.

I’ll miss this place. Sue’s home-style meals were always a great fall back when neither of us wanted to cook but wanted something comforting. Most of all, I’ll miss her chocolate lamingtons, the best lamingtons in Melbourne IMHO, which got me through many an essay in the last throes of my Masters. Sue’s heading off to Perth, and we wish her all the best.

Another favourite to close down was Brothers Ouzeri and Meze Bar on Sydney Road, Brunswick. We only discovered this little gem earlier this year on the recommendation of a work colleague. An unassuming place that we had passed by for years – Oh, what we missed out on! Beautiful marinated lamb and chicken gyro, souvlakis with chips (yay!) and the best home-made skordalia around. We suspect that they closed down due to landlord issues, which have led to temporary closures in the past. The place was sold in the last week or so. I doubt that it will reopen, at least in the same location, anytime soon.

Now to some openings. True North opened around about March, on Munro Street in Coburg, and is a hipster magnet unlike any I’ve seen in the area. I giggle to myself each time I walk past it and observe the clientele inside or walking towards it. Where were all these people hanging out before in daggy old Coburg? I’ve enjoyed a hot chocolate and one of their double chocolate biscuits on the one of the achingly cold Melbourne winter days we’ve had in the past week. I hope to get down there and try a meal in the next week.

Another opening in the past fortnight, and very close to home, is Wild Timor on Sydney Road, Coburg. There is a great story behind their ethically sourced coffee and I hope to get down there in the next couple of days to check it out.

And finally, something is happening down at the Moreland and Melville Road shops, a couple of doors down from Zizani. A shop has been getting kitted out for a few weeks now and I’m keeping a close eye on this one. We often find ourselves down at these shops and it would be great to have a good cafe to drop into while in the neighbourhood.

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2 thoughts on “Moreland dining scene update – July

  1. I’ve been observing that Wild Timor cafe too and wondering what it will be like – must get down there. Have had a few visits to True North – it is a bit more pricey that a lot of places around abouts but the food is a good quality and they have done a great job of kitting out the place – apparently they have a little outside table at the back now that looks quite cute but I don’t fancy eating outdoors in this weather.

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