Far from the madding crowd at 8th Nerve Cafe

I’m rather jealous of those living north of Bell Street, Coburg. The ‘cafenication’ of Coburg seems to have bypassed my little world, bounded by Reynard Street, Melville, Moreland and Sydney Roads, and made itself at home in the upper reaches of this suburb. With O’Heas Bakery & Deli firmly established in the neighbourhood for many years and more recently Little Deer Tracks opening, 8th Nerve Cafe has joined the fold.

We’ve visited 8th Nerve Cafe twice now and enjoyed it. It’s a small space, with a short and focussed menu of cafe favourites made with quality ingredients.

8th Nerve Cafe

8th Nerve Cafe

Let’s start with the coffee. They’re serving Allpress and making coffees just how I like them; strong and not bitter. Phoenix Organics soft drinks will slake your thirst on a hot day. Noisette pastries are on hand to satisfy any sweet cravings you may have. We tried the apricot danish and the chocolate & almond croissant. Both were light, flakey and buttery pastries; in essence, delicious. I was particularly excited to see the Noisette goods, which became a favourite of mine when I was taking my niece to circus classes in Port Melbourne. A coffee and pastry there were my little reward to self for being such a good PANK.

Smoked salmon salad

Smoked salmon salad

Across our two visits, we’ve tried a couple of the breakfast and lunch dishes, which have all been good. I particularly liked the smoked salmon, avocado & green leaf salad, topped with a free-range egg and toasted sesame seeds. The sesame seeds added a sweet nuttiness to the salad that lifted above the mundane to something quite satisfying. 8th Nerve also use Noisette bread and baguettes for their filled sandwiches and rolls, offering interesting fillings such as Portuguese chicken and salad, and grilled eggplant, capsicum and goats cheese. For lunch S. tried a smoked salmon, herbed cream cheese, spanish onion and cucumber on a sourdough bun. A simple combination that when made with quality ingredients, as it is at 8th Nerve, hits the spot.

Salmon & herbed cream cheese roll

Salmon & herbed cream cheese roll

8th Nerve is a great local cafe. They opened in the latter part of last year and they’ve made a strong start, with staff that are friendly and customer focussed,  good coffee and some interesting light cafe meals, including a couple of gluten-free and vegetarian options, at very reasonable prices. Oh, and there’s free wi-fi. A coffee here is a welcome distraction from, or reward for surviving the  madness of the Bunnings across the road!

What we had:
Smoked salmon & avocado salad $10.00
Smoked salmon & herbed cream cheese baguette $10.00
Bacon & eggs with toast $11.00
Coffee at the usual price (OK, I forget)

8th Nerve Cafe
103 Gaffney Street
9354 0000

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2 thoughts on “Far from the madding crowd at 8th Nerve Cafe

  1. I think I passed by here recently, found myself in a rush as usual and didn’t go in but thought it looked interesting (if it is the same place) – must go back and check it out – love noisette bread so that is a lure

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