Wang Wang Dumplings – surprisingly good Chinese in Coburg

Coburg has been bereft of a good Chinese Restaurant for a long as I have been here, so I was very excited to read tummyrumbles review earlier this year of Wang Wang Dumplings, which opened sometime in the last months of 2010, in block of shops on Waterfield Road that is slowly turning into a centre of food excellence in Coburg 😉 (it also includes Al-Alamy and Tasty Rooster).

Wang Wang Dumplings focus is Shanghainese cuisine and this includes wonderful hand-pulled Shanghai noodles and dumplings. There is something quite satisfying in simplicity of noodles that are very well done (think good soba noodles), and I think that Wang Wang Dumplings gets it right with theirs. Our plate of noodles were both plump and chewy, with a good bite and served with mushrooms, pak choy, slices of pork and a nice slick of just enough oiliness. We never tire of these noodles and order them everytime we go there!

Shanghai noodles - Yum!

We also tried the green bean stir-fry. This was surprisingly good, tasting of salt and garlic, with the heat of dried chilli and topped off with finely minced pork. I’d definitely order these again.

Wang Wang Dumplings do some great chilli based dishes. Last week we had mapo tofu and it was fantastic – blazing red and fiery to taste, as well as a generous serve.

Delicious fried green beans

Now to the dumplings, which are another favourite that are always ordered each time we come here. From memory, I think there’s about two pages of the menu devoted to dumplings, so you’re sure to find something you like.

On this occasion, we ordered the fried beef dumplings and the boiled chicken and prawn dumplings.

Fried beef dumplings

The beef dumplings were delicious, sweet and fragrant with a hint of five spice (I think). The boiled chicken and prawn dumplings were plump and soft, with chives and juicy prawns that popped in your mouth as you bit into them.

I love the ‘wings’ on the chicken and prawn dumpings. It reminds of the cornette worn by Sally Field in The Flying Nun.

Chicken & prawn dumplings

We regularly come back to Wang Wang Dumplings now over staying in the city for a dumpling dinner. And while some of the illegal practices of city restaurants and our unwillingness to support these businesses is partly behind this decision, in all honesty I think Wang Wang Dumplings can stand their ground next to any of the good CBD dumpling restaurants. While the service can be at times chaotic (the dishes do come to the table in what seems to be quite an erratic order) it is friendly and welcoming, family friendly and represents great value, and is generally receiving favourable reviews – so go there!

In addition to tummyrumbles review above, have a look at Consider the sauce.

What we had:
Fried beef dumplings $10 for 12 pieces
Boiled chicken & prawn dumplings $9 for 10 pieces
Green bean stir-fry with mince $10 (on special. Usual price $14)
Shanghai noodles $9 (on special. Usual price approx. $12)

Wang Wang Dumplings
3/51 Waterfield Road

Wang Wang Dumpling on Urbanspoon

8 thoughts on “Wang Wang Dumplings – surprisingly good Chinese in Coburg

  1. hear hear! I have only been to wang wang’s once on a busy lunchtime (we were busy not wang wangs) and got a plate of dumplings which I really enjoyed – sylvia wasn’t so keen but I thought they were great for kids with plastic cups and plates and very friendly – must go there again – I didn’t realise they were open in the evenings

  2. We had brunch at Wang Wang last Sunday. The steamed Peking pork dumplings were magic, as was the spring onion pancake. Loved gazing into the car park watching people park ( has a touch of the Hong Kongs about it – you know all the good views cost billions, so you are left with the crappy ones).

    But the food makes up for it, plus the chance to nip into Dimmy’s afterwards.

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