Our night on a high salt diet – Lazzat Kadah

Oh dear.

It was quite a disastrous night out.

Which is a shame.

Lazzat Kadah with its promise of being a ‘House of Good taste’ had been tempting me for many years as I passed it while sitting on the Route 19 tram. There was something quite cheeky and bold about that assertion which I liked.

Naan bread - it didn't taste of salt.

However it did not live up to its claim. We were very disappointed with our meal on Saturday evening. Every single dish we had overwhelmingly tasted of salt, save for the rice and the naan breads. At times there seemed to be promise behind the salt – a tender morsel of chicken, a hint of curry trying to break through, but then blitzing it all would be the salt. It was so overwhelmingly dominant, that the salt masked any interesting flavours the dish may have offered. My mouth was still puckered from the saltiness of it all the next morning.

The restaurant has seen better days too, with the intricate interior decor that would have been expensive to install initially now looking tired and in desperate need of an update. The service was slow and sparse. We waited for over 30 minutes to receive our meals once we had ordered. A couple who came in after us were seated at a table that had not been fully cleared away from the previous diners. And the loud swearing from the table of drunken revellers next to us didn’t enhance the experience at all. I do wish people would remember that there’s a difference between public and private behaviour. But the sociologist in me knows that those boundaries are more fluid now.

A selection of our disappointing dishes

So all this made for quite a disappointment. And the management just didn’t seem to get it either. When paying our bill we were asked the usual ‘How did you enjoy your meal?’ question. I offered that it was very salty. ‘Which dish?’ I was asked. My reply was all of them. ‘You should have told us we would have replaced it. It would only have been another 5-10 minutes’. Really? When it took half an hour for them to come out in the first place? They were all salty. Doesn’t this tell you something? It’s not about one dish being mucked up, it’s about everything that’s going on in your kitchen.

We won’t be back in a hurry and quite frankly, Lazzat Kadah needs to lift its game. There’s simply too much competition along Sydney Road in the Indian food stakes. We would have done better to go and grab ourselves a thali plate from Saudagar for less than $10.

My review is at odds with other reviews out there on the internet. Cooked and Bottled in Brunswick seems to have had a better experience than we did, so have a look at theirs for some balance.

What we had:
Dhal gosht $14.50
Chicken jalfrezi $14.50
Aloo Palak $12.50
Raita $3.00
Naan/Garlic naan $2.00/$2.50
Rice $4.00

Lazzat Kadah – House of Good Taste
61-63 Sydney Road
9386 6220

Lazzat Kadah on Urbanspoon

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