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Cookbook Challenge 16 – Soup

I’m ludicrously behind my posts for the Cookbook Challenge. This year is throttling towards its end however, my best intentions are to try to catch up! New jobs for both S. and I means that our spare time is even more limited. I am increasingly turning to simple, quick and tasty recipes and returning to … Continue reading

On the trail of Little Deer Tracks

Our usual stop for coffee on O’Hea Street is O’Hea’s Bakery & Deli. However the growing gentrification and changing demographics of North Coburg have paved way for a different kind of cafe north of Bell Street, such as you find with Little Deer Tracks. Little Deer Tracks has only been open a very short while. … Continue reading

Lunch at Saudagar Indian Restaurant

Earlier this week S. and I found ourselves down at Coburg ’round about lunch-time and feeling a bit peckish. So we thought we’d give a new place a try and went to Saudagar Indian Restaurant. Saudagar is in a very unassuming location on Munro Street. A number of restaurants have come and gone here since … Continue reading